Understanding Plumbing Basics
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Understanding Plumbing Basics

As a new homeowner, I can tell you that things aren't always as simple as they appear. I started thinking about it a few years ago, and I realized that there were some serious problems with our plumbing system. We had issues with drains working correctly and toilets flushing like they should, so I started focusing more heavily on understanding the basics of our plumbing system. Within a few short months the entire system was operating more fluidly because of a few changes that I made, so I wanted to create a blog all about my journey. Check out these articles to learn more about the plumbing basics.


Understanding Plumbing Basics

Questions About Home Plumbing Maintenance

Jorge Alexander

When you own your own home, it's crucial for you to do everything in your power to keep things going smoothly within that home and all of its systems. If you are a new homeowner, then knowing the things you should do to protect your plumbing may not be immediately obvious to you and you may have a ton of questions. This article may give you some answers to some of those questions.

Should you worry about banging coming from pipes?

There are different reasons why plumbing pipes can make noises. They can make noises when the water heater releases hot water into the system. They can also make a clanging or banging sound as water rushes through them if it is an older home if the pipes aren't secured properly. If you hear a banging sound, then you want to check the pipes to make sure they are tightly secured in place so they don't end up coming loose and leaving you to deal with a leak or even a flood.

The best thing for you to do with regards to noises is to pay attention to the sounds your plumbing makes from the start and have someone come out if you happen to hear a new sound. A new sound can signify a change in something, and this can mean there is a new problem that has developed.

What are some of the best ways to avoid clogged pipes?

The best way for anyone to make sure they do their best to prevent clogs in their pipes is to watch everything that they allow to go down them. Putting screens in the bathroom sink and tub drains can help keep those pipes from getting clogged up with hair and small bits of toothpaste and soap. You also want to make sure you never allow grease to go down the kitchen drain. Always use the garbage disposal to rinse off kitchenware, but scrape all large pieces off in the trash or compost first.

Are there special considerations for caring for a septic system?

Yes, when your home is on a septic system, you want to make sure you only use the necessary amount of water. You also want to avoid using harsh chemicals to clean sinks, tubs, and toilets so you don't throw the chemical balance in the septic tank off. Also, when you have a septic tank in your yard, you want to make sure you don't park heavy equipment or vehicles on it.