Understanding Plumbing Basics
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Understanding Plumbing Basics

As a new homeowner, I can tell you that things aren't always as simple as they appear. I started thinking about it a few years ago, and I realized that there were some serious problems with our plumbing system. We had issues with drains working correctly and toilets flushing like they should, so I started focusing more heavily on understanding the basics of our plumbing system. Within a few short months the entire system was operating more fluidly because of a few changes that I made, so I wanted to create a blog all about my journey. Check out these articles to learn more about the plumbing basics.


Understanding Plumbing Basics

Four Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Toilets For Your Event

Jorge Alexander

A big event, especially one held outdoors, will require a portable toilet rental. Planning ahead can help you avoid the following mistakes when renting toilets for your event.

1. Clustering the Toilets

It can be tempting to put all the toilets in a single location, both for ease of setup and so you don't have to spend time plotting out multiple spots. While this may work for a small event that only needs two or three toilets, it isn't a wise idea for larger events. First odor issues are more likely to be a problem if you have many toilets in a single cluster. Second, it's more convenient for the attendees if toilet locations are spread out and thus easier to reach. Finally, spreading out the toilets into two or more small clusters prevents large crowds from bottle necking at one section of the event grounds as they wait in line for the facilities.

2. Ignoring Exposure Issues

It's not as simple as picking the most out of the way area that the toilet serve can access and plopping the portable toilets there. Avoid any unsheltered locations, particularly if wind or heat is a concern. Wind can dislodge units or require additional anchoring, while extreme sun exposure makes odor issues and comfort for users a problem. A shaded, protected area that is level and accessible is preferred.

3. Skimping On Units

Reducing the amount of toilets on site is not the right way to cut costs. Most municipalities have minimum toilet requirements for events, so you can face a fine or a loss of your event permit if you don't meet these regulations. Further, too few units is a false economy. If there aren't enough units for the amount of event attendees, the toilets will require more frequent pumping. This will still end up costing you more in the long run.

4. Cleaning Plan Failure

A portable toilet is only as comfortable to use as it is clean. You need to have a cleaning plan in place prior to the event, otherwise the toilets will not be comfortable and your attendees won't be happy. Hire dedicated staff to tend to the toilets. Set up an hourly cleaning and restocking plan so that the toilets are always in top condition and perform a deep cleaning each evening of the event so they are ready for the next day. Some rental services will even provide trained attendants to help maintain the toilets, for a fee.

Contact a portable toilet rental service for more help.