Understanding Plumbing Basics
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Understanding Plumbing Basics

As a new homeowner, I can tell you that things aren't always as simple as they appear. I started thinking about it a few years ago, and I realized that there were some serious problems with our plumbing system. We had issues with drains working correctly and toilets flushing like they should, so I started focusing more heavily on understanding the basics of our plumbing system. Within a few short months the entire system was operating more fluidly because of a few changes that I made, so I wanted to create a blog all about my journey. Check out these articles to learn more about the plumbing basics.


Understanding Plumbing Basics

Common Problems With Your Water Heater That May Indicate It Is Time For A Replacement

Jorge Alexander

The water heater in your home runs continuously, and over time, there are parts of the system that can break down. Water heater repair is commonly handled by a heater and plumbing contractor that can check all the parts of the system to determine if you need a new water heater or if it is possible to find the one you already have.

Common Failure Points

The water heater in your home is one of the most used appliances in the home. It turns on and off many times a day to heat and reheat the water in the water heaters tank to have hot water when you need it. If the water heater is not working, a water heater repair company can come and troubleshoot the system for you to determine if they can fix it or not. 

There are some common points of failure for water heaters, the first being the heating coils. These electric coils extend into the tank and turn on and off to heat the water inside the tank.

Eventually, the minerals in the water can damage the heating coils, making it necessary for a water heater repair company to come and change them for you. 

If your tank has two coils in it, one may still be working, but the power that is available for that coil alone will not be enough to heat the water entirely, so you may notice warm water in your home, but it may not get hot like it is supposed to. The water heater repair tech can test the coil's resistance to determine if this is the case in your water heater. 

On many water heaters, there is a controller that provides the power to the coils and adjust the temperature of the water in the tank. This controller can also go bad and create a situation where the coils never come on to heat the water even though they are working correctly. The tech will also check this for you and determine if the controller needs replacing.

Replacement Water Heaters

Sometimes the problem with the water heater is a leak from the tank itself, and if this is the case, the water heater will need replacing. A water heater repair company can install a replacement tank for you or upgrade your water heater with a larger one if you need it. 

Installing a larger water heater may be a good idea if you have a large home and need the extra hot water, but keep in mind, a larger water heater may cost more to operate daily.

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