Understanding Plumbing Basics
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Understanding Plumbing Basics

As a new homeowner, I can tell you that things aren't always as simple as they appear. I started thinking about it a few years ago, and I realized that there were some serious problems with our plumbing system. We had issues with drains working correctly and toilets flushing like they should, so I started focusing more heavily on understanding the basics of our plumbing system. Within a few short months the entire system was operating more fluidly because of a few changes that I made, so I wanted to create a blog all about my journey. Check out these articles to learn more about the plumbing basics.


Understanding Plumbing Basics

  • Simple Plumbing Questions Homeowners May Benefit From Having Answered

    18 April 2017

    When plumbing problems develop in your home, it can be difficult to go about your daily routine until the issue is repaired. However, individuals that have recently purchased their first house will often be unable to effectively address plumbing issues and maintenance as a result of being poorly informed. Learning more about some basic questions about plumbing care will enable you to protect your home from these issues. How Can Hot Water Flushes Prevent Clogs?

  • Is Your A/C Unit Failing To Keep Your Home Cool? 4 Reasons Why

    17 April 2017

    Few things are worse than being hot; especially when you're inside your home. If your A/C isn't cooling like it used to, this is a problem and hotter than normal temperatures are likely not to blame. Learn just some of the reasons why your unit isn't cooling like it should. Clogged Filter The primary function of the filter is to keep dust, dirt and other particles out of the air. Don't forget that the cooled air must also pass through the filter.

  • The Temperatures Are Rising: 4 Signs You Might Need A New AC This Summer

    14 April 2017

    Now that the temperatures are starting to rise, it's time to start thinking about your air conditioner. The last thing you want is to be left out in the heat when your air conditioner breaks down this summer. Before the extreme temperatures kick in, give your air conditioner a few trial runs. These pre-season tests will help you identify potential problems. If you notice any of the following signs, it's time to start thinking about a new air conditioner.

  • Simple Tips For Plumbing Emergencies

    13 April 2017

    When plumbing emergencies occur, preparation and quick thinking are the keys to minimizing water damage or other catastrophes while maintaining a modicum of normalcy until a plumber can arrive to solve the problem. The most important thing is to keep calm and to stop the flow of water as soon as possible. This means knowing where the shutoff valves to your supply pipes are located and how to shut off the water at the valve locations.

  • Keeping A House In Good Shape

    11 April 2017

    As a homeowner, there are many things that you must stay on top of to avoid having to make costly repairs. For instance, if you neglect problems that arise with the plumbing system, you can end up having to replace the entire system in the long run. The best thing that you can do as a homeowner is invest in preventative maintenance or certain aspects of your house. Basically, your goal should be to get problems repaired when they are still minor.